The Most Toxic Discord in Crypto | How our project was almost killed by a $100M Solana NFT over dumb jokes.

0 to dox in 2 weeks | A culture of power abuse when thugs take over.

Satire Labs
4 min readOct 16, 2021

Website, @DumbMeta, Discord, /r/DumbMeta.

Update (4/2022): This is #3— Read parts 1, 2, 3, 4 (feat. on CoinTelegraph as ChunkeMonke.)

Well, it’s been fun.

2 weeks ago, “Tractor”, $100M SolPunks “leader” discovered our writing. He took our dumb jokes personally and tried to destroy us.

Screenshot: Tractor and goons threaten and act on doxxing (exposing personal info).

Note: Tractor filed the trademark. He stands to benefit most.

🎉🎉Congrats, smooth brains! 🥳🥳

You doxxed the WRONG person. Do you see how screwed up this is? Pathetic. Maybe criminal.

We have friends who pay for everything, create dead leads, and provide support. All so we can write the truth and make dick jokes.

The World Famous Tractor: “Can’t get over 10 likes”… “Change the world”

SolPunks goons — Trust us. NOBODY wants your toxic brand.

By holding a SolPunk, you admit to have crippling alcoholism and to have overdosed from cocaine at least once.

So why bother? We’ve observed your Discord for months. It’s depressing. Your project was and IS doomed to fail.

WELCOME TO THE SOLPUNKS DISCORD! Make sure to have your anti-depressants ready. NO LAUGHS ALLOWED!

We said you are everything wrong with crypto, but we were wrong.

You are EVERYTHING wrong with the internet.

You goons can’t take a joke. Can’t take a dick. Can’t take the TRUTH.

You made MILLIONS and you gamble it all away on billboards in BUMFUCK NOWHERE?? How many are there — 18? 124? 2048?

No amount of billboards can compensate for your tiny schlongs.

How many more lives are you CLOWNS 🤡 going to destroy, before you all end up in prison?

We were planning to have a lot of fun on Twitter. But you guys are insane. Nice censorship, you authoritarian pricks.

Look, send NFTMoon or Glaucus. If we’ve made any mistakes, we will gladly correct within reason. Do NOT send JAKE. Everything he says makes us cringe.

Tractor — SHAME ON YOU. When SolPunks die, you will blame us. Grow the hell up.

Truth is EVERYONE knows — you are nothing more than a puny insignificant scum. We just saw you as a stubborn, chubby little Anime side character (like Choji in Naruto).

Now we know who you are — a malicious thug. You KNOW we are powerless. We have 10 followers vs your 21k mob.

But still, you went from 0 to DOX IN 2 WEEKS.

You could have been rich — But you became a crippling gambling addict and bought billboards instead.

You gave your loanshark a blowjob and all you have now are your stupid lego box sets and crippling debt.

One of your top goons was the informant. How does that feel?

Please guys, don’t betray Tractor all at once!🐎🐎

💎DIAMOND HANDS🤲 — How else will you remember your glory days of crippling debt, depression, and heroine abuse?

Despite your (possibly) criminal tactics, we won’t report you — Why? Cause we’re not pathetic.

We’ll keep up the good fight. It may take 1 — maybe 10 years. Satire Labs may not be here. But our “dummies” will absolutely DESTROY 🚀 your ShitPunks over the long run.

After all, you‘re all just fake bootyholes. We’re the REAL SolPunks — we’ll keep playing dumb… For now. 😎


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