Our Crypto Dystopia | photo credit: Jeremy Paillotin @ deviantart

The SolPunks Personality Cult | How trademark trolls destroy NFT

Life. Quite the wild ride.

We have other stupid ideas (will announce, once things settle...), so stick around — join our Discord and follow on Twitter.

To SolPunks holders —

Your dear leader, Tractor, seems to be a cult of personality… again, an opinion.

Something Tractor likes to remind others is that he is fully doxxed.

You be the judge — Do these shared posts seem like its from the brain of a healthy mind?

Have NFTMoon or Glaucus DM me: I’m happy to add notes and make corrections to any previous mistakes. Or maybe comply with other requests — BUT LEAVE MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY OUT OF THIS.

My Pride and Joy 😎 | I drive a tractor too.

Ok SolPunks goons — you can leave now.

Below — is for the broader NFT community. (Go away, SolPunks gang 🥶)

Here’s the big picture.

Trademark trolls — you are a cancer to crypto.

1) You will destroy the NFT ecosystem

2) You will destroy the value of your own token. (Ironic, isn’t it?)

1) On destroying the NFT ecosystem

Right now, we are in the golden age of NFTs — we are seeing power shift from the elite to the people.

The Golden Age of NFTs… | Fun fact: We found out 0 “Female” punks have the “Smile” attribute. Almost all (234 of 238) are “Male”. 😶 Sorry if this gets you cancelled, Larva Labs! (Seriously.) | jupmod @ DeviantArt

Artists and coders: We all want a more vibrant ecosystem…

Trademark trolls (eg Tractor) — because you can’t help but make a copycat trademark and send legal threats, you KILL the infinite possibilities of innovations and memes.

Our stupid lore. Tractor’s (fake) SolPunks and dumb (real) SolPunks go back 1000s of years.
  1. suck their blood and maybe trick them into paying royalties, OR
  2. silence them with shady tactics like doxxing.

YOU are the reason why why we can’t have nice things.

Great going, asshole.

2) On destroying the value of your own token.

By constantly sending legal threats,

Great going, asshole.

Our ultimate view is this: If one does trademark their NFT, one must be good stewards, and NOT be toxic trademark trolls.



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