Someone is trying to trademark CryptoPunks. And it’s not Larva Labs.

  1. has the audacity to trademark CryptoPunks
  2. insinuate he will have exclusive rights to ALL “Punks” (which includes CryptoPunks) toys
  3. would even kill his own babies (Baby Sol Punks), if it means making more money.

Here’s the worst part. We looked through his entire trademark filing and he mentions CryptoPunks and Larva Labs a total of ZERO times.²

Introducing Dumb SolPunks 🎉🎉🎉.,

The Legal Route

If you’re feeling determined, you can consider directly challenging the trademark application through the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (TTAB). Their contact information can be found here.

To Larva Labs — If you’re reading this: 😘


  1. 1 cubic boatload ~= 69 $TSLA stocks.
  2. US Patents and Trademark Office |Case #90866002 (SolPunks)
  3. Gerben Law Firm | What Trademark Rights Do I Have While My Application Is Pending with the USPTO?



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