The $100M “Solana CryptoPunks” Pyramid Scheme

Question: What do you do when you (Tractor, creator of are trying to coordinate one of the largest NFT pyramid-SHAPED (😉) schemes?

  1. You and your goons use intimidation techniques, like ominous anon Discord messages or retweeting from personal Twitters, to send a message: “we’re watching you.”
dat feel when you realize you’re a bagholder
source: | SolPunks Truth Foundation (

Truth is, all the NFT marketplaces do an awful job disclosing total fees (3% platform + 5% royalty + …)

Dumb SolPunks (“dummies”) are here. Buy our stupid token.

  1. We tweeted the REAL history of SolPunks last Friday. You can see the full-sized image at
The rivalry between Tractor’s fake SolPunks and the real “dumb” SolPunks go back 1000s of years. | SolPunks Truth Foundation (



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