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Update (4/2022): This is #4 — Read parts 1, 2, 3, 4 (feat. on CoinTelegraph as ChunkeMonke.)

The SolPunks Personality Cult | How trademark trolls destroy NFT

Life. Quite the wild ride.

We won’t make more jokes about SolPunks. It’s not worth the risks. Not for friends, not for family.

Below are really 2 articles in one. We just want to push both out now, before more possible craziness happens.

(1) addressing SolPunks holder — using “I”.

(2) addressing the NFT community — using “we”. (skip to section)

We have other stupid ideas (will announce, once things settle...), so stick around — join our Discord and follow on Twitter.

To SolPunks holders —

“There they are… Tractor’s iconic Cowboy Punk — in all the billboards.”

But after this ordeal — I need to say one more thing— that I think is important and will help some people.

This whole SolPunks community looks like a cult…

Your dear leader, Tractor, seems to be a cult of personality… again, an opinion.

He appears like a strongman. And seems to do what it takes to maintain the image. He calls any criticism he doesn’t like lies, misinformation, or defamation. He makes up legal claims, which no one questions.

Even this very criticism, calling him a cult of personality, may unleash the final dox. But this is so important, more than any more jokes I can make.

This was a meme I made and posted yesterday.

Do you not see a bit of “Delusion of Grandeur”? Is it not concerning that both Origo and NFTMoon both not see the irony? I know Tractor’s not rich, but that’s not needed for a god complex.

I couldn’t figure out why he so often puts people’s loyalty to the test. Or how he can convince rational people that billboards are a good idea. That is unless, the leader needs to show some form of physical worldly strength. And has created an army of yes-men.

Tractor reminds me a lot of Donald Trump. (To be clear, I like Trump a little 🤷🏻‍♀️ — this is mostly an observation…) — As a non-SolPunks owner, I couldn’t see why people would want to hang around in the Discord. It’s kinda depressing. I also didn’t see why so many seemed so loyal. Like simps. Especially, when Tractor displays so many unhinged behavior.

Something Tractor likes to remind others is that he is fully doxxed.

You be the judge — Do these shared posts seem like its from the brain of a healthy mind?

I’ve said this in the previous posts and I’ll make it clear again.

Have NFTMoon or Glaucus DM me: I’m happy to add notes and make corrections to any previous mistakes. Or maybe comply with other requests — BUT LEAVE MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY OUT OF THIS.

Finally, Tractor — I drive a tractor too. 😎

My Pride and Joy 😎 | I drive a tractor too.

Ok SolPunks goons — you can leave now.

Note: The article was written before the SolPunks address above. Again, I just want to release both ASAP, before more craziness happens.

Below — is for the broader NFT community. (Go away, SolPunks gang 🥶)

Here’s the big picture.

Trademark trolls — you are a cancer to crypto.

1) You will destroy the NFT ecosystem

2) You will destroy the value of your own token. (Ironic, isn’t it?)

1) On destroying the NFT ecosystem

Right now, we are in the golden age of NFTs — we are seeing power shift from the elite to the people.

The Golden Age of NFTs… | Fun fact: We found out 0 “Female” punks have the “Smile” attribute. Almost all (234 of 238) are “Male”. 😶 Sorry if this gets you cancelled, Larva Labs! (Seriously.) | jupmod @ DeviantArt

The same principles apply for NFTs. After all, it’s as easy as copying a JPEG and slapping on a different name.

Artists and coders: We all want a more vibrant ecosystem…

Trademark trolls (eg Tractor) — because you can’t help but make a copycat trademark and send legal threats, you KILL the infinite possibilities of innovations and memes.

We really enjoyed making Dumb SolPunks, found it hilarious, and hoped it would inspire others. After all, the story as it stands is very open-ended for others to fill in the blank.

Our stupid lore. Tractor’s (fake) SolPunks and dumb (real) SolPunks go back 1000s of years.

Hell, if Dumb SolPunks was successful, maybe that would inspire Genius SolPunks or maybe inspire retar — um, WSB SolPunks 😮‍💨 😎. Which would have a COMPLETELY different storyline.

Unfortunately this is not how the story ends for Dumb SolPunks. Now everyone knows how you treat parodies — You either:

  1. suck their blood and maybe trick them into paying royalties, OR
  2. silence them with shady tactics like doxxing.

You try to silence critics and satires, again with your never-ending threats.

YOU are the reason why why we can’t have nice things.

Great going, asshole.

2) On destroying the value of your own token.

Don’t believe me? Check out the charts for Dogecoin and CryptoPunks.

It’s been 1 month since Dogecoin legal “dog fight” began. Do you see what’s happened? The community stopped being fun. Shiba Inu and Floki Inu (2 other stupid coins) have gone on to have massive rallies (+100% — +300%), while the original stupid coin has struggled at -8%.

This same pattern of a possible “bubble pop” started when CryptoPunks began amassing hate for their cease-and-desists.

We understand legal battles are sometimes (arguably) inevitable, as in the case of Dogecoin. But this is best avoided — it does your own bagholders no favor.

By constantly sending legal threats,

(2) You silence everyone — all friends, all foes, until it’s only you and your yes-men goons left.

Great going, asshole.

“Are we against trademarks in NFT?” No — Well, we don’t know. People like Tractor (SolPunks “leader”) exists.

Our ultimate view is this: If one does trademark their NFT, one must be good stewards, and NOT be toxic trademark trolls.

We’ll end it here — As mentioned, we want to make sure this is posted ASAP, per no more retaliation from SolPunks folks.

I hope you enjoy it and agree with everything I wrote.

You can join us on Discord, give us feedback, etc.. You can follow us on Twitter @Satire Labs.

You can still mint our stupid token. But no refunds !— if you mint it after October 17.



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