The $100M “Solana CryptoPunks” Pyramid Scheme

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5 min readOct 3, 2021

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Update (4/2022): This is #2— Read parts 1, 2, 3, 4 (feat. on CoinTelegraph as ChunkeMonke.)

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Last week, we covered how the SolPunks creator “Tractor” is trying to trademark CryptoPunks. This week, we’re covering something even worse: their business practice.

Question: What do you do when you (Tractor, creator of are trying to coordinate one of the largest NFT pyramid-SHAPED (😉) schemes?

It’s simple.

  1. You and your goons use intimidation techniques, like ominous anon Discord messages or retweeting from personal Twitters, to send a message: “we’re watching you.”

(@SatireLabs, @SolPunks69, our Discord ALL have less than 10 people.)

Nice power move.

2. You have your henchmen call legitimate criticism FUD.

3. You and your lackeys can’t help, but call your “investors” (bagholders) suckers.

“😂” indeed. After all, Solanart does not make it clear at all that you’re paying 8% in fees (5% royalty + 3% platform fees) when you sell a SolPunk… 🤣

Oh and lastly,

4. You and your cronies keep accidentally using the word “Pyramid Scheme”. But it’s totally not!

dat feel when you realize you’re a bagholder

Poor salvapunk 😢. Even his avatar has the face of a heartbroken soul who now understands he’s at the bottom of the pyramid.

Sorry champ, not all of us can be main characters. Someone’s got to fill in for Tractor’s expendable goon army.

Again, totally not a pyramid scheme! It’s pyramid-SHAPED. Huge difference. You’re only trying to describe a triangle. Saying “Restructure the bottom of the Pyramid” is just a great way to visualize the business model.

“jk! lol” indeed.

Personally, I prefer the word “Ponzi Scheme” or “Tractor’s Gooey Load”. But to each their own. Please wipe the multi-level slop off your “chinny chin chin”, nftmoon. You’re not one of the 3 little piggies and this isn’t summer camp.

source: | SolPunks Truth Foundation (

Before I go on, I should be clear: The Discord screenshots above are in reference to the “SolPunks DAO”, which is yet to be released.

Given the history of bad behavior I’ve seen (see: SolPunks trademark article) and experienced (ominous threats) personally, we’re publishing this article in hopes to alter history. Seriously, when in history has “pyramid” been used to describe a business model that did not leave thousands or millions hurt?

Right now, SolPunks is just a regular NFT ponzi (see: link 1, link 2). Most (all) of the revenue of derived from attracting new users with hype arguably in a way that is not sustainable.

Update 10/9/2021 (screenshot of SolPunks DAO discussion):

It look like this article may already be having an impact.

Truth is, all the NFT marketplaces do an awful job disclosing total fees (3% platform + 5% royalty + …)

This includes big names such as. OpenSea, SolSea, Solanart, etc.

We think it’s intentional, but are not trying to make bigger enemies. We hope NFT marketplaces will consider breaking down the costs for the customer clearly before the purchase is made. Sorta like when you’re shopping at any e-commerce website (shipping + tax + product cost…)

Over the past week, we’ve been busy with our own project “Dumb SolPunks”.

Dumb SolPunks (“dummies”) are here. Buy our stupid token.

Dumb SolPunks = Totally not a parody and 100% fact-based.

  1. We tweeted the REAL history of SolPunks last Friday. You can see the full-sized image at
The rivalry between Tractor’s fake SolPunks and the real “dumb” SolPunks go back 1000s of years. | SolPunks Truth Foundation (

TL;DR SolPunks timeline: Tractor’s SolPunks are all fakes. They’re really “cheeky” alien clones.

2. We’ve released the SolPunks Truth Project on GitHub, so you can use advanced butt analysis and understand the true nature of their scam.

3. We released the “Find Your Dumb” tool. You can search, filter and find your perfect dumb.

Consider changing your profile pic to a Dumb SolPunk on Twitter or Discord. May I suggest Dumb SolPunk #6747 or Dumb SolPunk #813? The real SolPunks (10,000 IQ, never brags about it) need your help blending into the crowd, from Tractor.

Despite our small reach since we published the first article last week on Tractor’s SolPunks trademark application, we’ve received a lot of advice. If you’re a lawyer or know one who understands this space well, please contact us.

It’s only a matter of time before Tractor and his goons use possibly questionable tactics and try to have us “shut down”.

If nothing changes, it’ll be less than 1 more year before his trademark goes through for this NON-Ponzi business.

This is going to be a long, rocky road ahead. But we’ll fight the good fight. And hopefully, Dumb SolPunks will moon in the process, obviously. 😬😎

Thanks for reading.


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