Good Dad, Awful Son: The DoNotPay Scam

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2 min readOct 8, 2021


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It’s no exaggeration to say Bill Browder is an American hero. This is the man who led the enactment of the Magnitsky Act. As I recently found out, he’s set to be the real-life hero in “Red Notice” ($160M Netflix movie, release 11/2021). Wow, what timing.

This is a man who demonstrates courage and integrity against all odds. He fought against the Kremlin and beat it in its own games (in certain respects).

For this reason, I am immeasurably disappointed. Because Josh Browder (Bill Browder’s son) has matured to become a regular scammer from down the street. Your friendly neighborhood scammer with a huge ego.

Bill Browder @billbrowder | Josh Browder @jbrowder1 | josh-the-donotpay-scam-man-browder.png

Seriously: Why does everyone who calls themselves “Robin Hood” end up just screwing over poor people?

This all happened, because I was researching and preparing legal options, because of the articles I’ve been writing. (SolPunks Trademarking CryptoPunks, SolPunks Pyramid-Shaped Scheme)

Apple, BBB if you’re reading this, shut down the app. Investigate its unethical practices. Somehow they’re able to charge the user $36 as if it’s complete magic. I’ve archived the Apple reviews ( just in case certain Apple employees are colluding on their unethical behaviors.

This is an app that is supposed to HELP fight dishonest behavior. But they just STEAL your money. And it’s backed by someone I unironically considered a hero.

I wanted to find out how complicit Bill Browder is in this all.

After doing research, I suddenly remembered something: “wait, I think I’ve downloaded this app.” Indeed, I have.

DoNotPay Scam Timeline & Downloads Chart

Feel from to Google “DoNotPay bill browder” yourself. Bill Browder (aka “Daddy”) has been chief cheerleader since the app launched, going on podcasts after podcasts. This has all culminated to a $10M funding round on July 30, 2021 at a $210M valuation.